FEA Incoming

Hi everyone, lately I have been pretty busy trying to push out a finite element frame designer. It is almost at beta stage, I will likely release it at beta and continue working on a steel member library which will be implemented to aid in the input of section properties. Anyway here is a screenshot as it currently stands.

ingeniir finite element frame designer
It is a pretty flexible editor, and will allow you to do any 2D shape you like. Outputs of the degin will be node deflections, including rotation, member forces and node reactions. It will be a little different from your traditional Finite Element programs, in that you will need to place a node at every point of interest, such as the where you think will be the point of maximum deflection, where a force is applied (if it is not a UDL) or where a moment is applied. But it will be pretty easy to move nodes and recalculate allowing you to find the maximum deflection pretty easily with a couple of iterations. The reason for the node input like this is that finite element models that consist of nodes and links are more accurate with the least amount of nodes, and alot of the time you should already know where the maximum deflection will occur. Keep your eyes peeled for the launch, I will be posting on here and on facebook when it comes live!

Posted on May 8, 2014

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