Solar Power de-throning coal in QLD

If you think about it Solar power is a logical solution for energy production. Costs to store energy are becoming cheaper and more commercially viable, and will continue to do so due to the increasing production and development of battery technology driven by electric cars. It no longer makes sense to transmit centrally generated power over long distances or through complex networks when the end user can generate and store their own power.

solar panels
Last week the daytime cost of electricity went negative due to the clear sunny winter we have been having in Queensland. This to me is signalling the beginning of the end for coal fired power stations. Why would you continue to mine coal, damaging the environment through excavation and burning, transmit power (with losses) and still have to maintain an ageing power supply grid when you can generate power at the location it is needed. Of course coal mining and burning companies are putting up resistance to Solar Energy, but of course it is in their best interests to mine coal until there is none left.
Here is an idea, why don’t the companies who own the electricity networks invest in industrial scale electricity storage which can be fed from, and feed into the existing network and embrace the coming sustainable revolution?
Pumped hydro storage has been in use since the 60’s in Australia and could possibly even be used in conjunction with existing water reticulation networks, how many towns do you know that have tank based water supply? Why not generate power during its use?

Posted on July 8, 2014

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